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Good news, everyone!

May 4, 2011

All mead is exciting.  Really it is.  How can you not be excited about drinking something that someone whose profession was to ‘Pillage and Plunder’ liked to drink?  I do hear that there is a small subset of humanity that isn’t excited by battle axes and chainmail, but frankly I don’t understand them.

So, onto the mead!

Following IV, V is the name of my next creation.  The way I see it is that names are difficult to come up with, and once used by something terrible people are reluctant to accept the name again.  You don’t see many children running around named Adolf or Pol Pot or Saddam right, and likewise I would hate to give out the name Ygg or Mjöllnir to an unproven mead.  Although – I’m not completely certain my analogy has legs.  But that is OK!  Analogies can be like the snake, legless, but still dangerous if misunderstood (or something along those lines).

V is going to be based upon Buckwheat honey, a dark, rich honey that some describe as akin to molasses.  To give V some more flavor I’ll be infusing it with vanilla beans – something that if you haven’t done with a decent vodka or rum, you should.

As most people know (well, I’m assuming this) some recipes don’t adjust very well.  You can’t take a pastry recipe and go crazy changing it completely at random, the pastry simply won’t work.  Other recipes, like soup, can vary from just barely broths to so chunky you’re fine eating it with a fork.  Mead is on the soup end of the recipe spectrum.

Things one can vary:

  1. Type of honey
  2. Amount of honey
  3. Flavors added
  4. How the flavors are going to be added
  5. Species of yeast used
  6. Sparkling or still

As stated, this mead is going to be buckwheat honey.  In the amount column I’m going to put: “a lot” where a lot refers to amounts of honey weighing more than small dogs (and not tiny dogs like Yorkies, merely small dogs).  To balance out the honey I’m choosing a yeast that can tolerate high amounts of alcohol; the combination should make this mead nearly able to substitute for jet fuel.  And to get the most nuance out of the vanilla I’ll be slowly infusing it over weeks rather than boiling out the flavors quickly.  In the end I’ll add a final dose of honey to see if I can’t squeeze some bubbles out of it, but at the alcohol levels it’ll be hitting I’m not sure if the yeast will still be up for another round.  We’ll see : )

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