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Meads of the Past: Mead I

May 8, 2011

Subtle mint, high alcohol content, that delicious mead flavor and ginger to round it all out.  Mead I is a superb mead; although it wasn’t at all what I was expecting.  After Mead 0 I was planning on creating a sweet mead, and so sought to put more sugar in the mead than the yeast could possibly handle.  The yeast handled it.  Not only did they handle it, the yeast laughed in my face and asked for more.  So this brew is north of 20% ABV.  Think about that.  12 ounces at 20% has nearly the same alcohol content of 5 light beers.  Alternatively you can think of it as having the alcohol content of 4 shots of vodka.  In any case, you’ll not mind because this is a really tasty mead.

Drink responsibly, and understand that with this mead, that means wear a helmet.

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