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Return of Cinnamon Cocoa Mead (VII)!

May 17, 2011

To keep the number of names down I use a naming system where only repeated recipes get named. After all, if it wasn’t good enough to do again then why did it need a name? At 50 bottles per batch it’s not as if anyone will remember if Donkey McThunderStick was the flavor they didn’t like. Hopefully the bad batches will gradually fade into obscurity. And hopefully there won’t be very many of them.

However mead II (which is currently in circulation) was a delightful mead, lightly flavored with cocoa beans and cinnamon. Not only was it delightful, but it is damn good too. So I made it again. Except better.

I’ve upped the cocoa beans by 230%, although boiled them for less time so more of the delicate honey flavors are retained. The cinnamon of mead II is the barest ghost of a flavor, which is nice, but the best flavor is the most flavor. Or at least; until I begin a quest for subtlety that will be my mantra. To remedy this I’ve skipped boiling the cinnamon altogether. Rather than only having a couple of minutes to extract the flavor I’ve quadrupled the amount of cinnamon and increased the time it’ll be in the mead more than 1000x as long. For those of you counting that’s 4000x more cinnamon exposure. Of course I figure that cinnamon only has so much flavor to give; so hopefully it won’t be akin to snorting ground cinnamon. But if it is, at least this mead also packs more of a punch @ 13.7% potential alcohol. Also – bearing in mind that cinnamon is a relatively harsh flavor in quantity I’ve changed the species of cinnamon from Cassia (Cinnamomum aromaticum) to Ceylon (Cinnamomum verum). Ceylon Cinnamon is known for having a smoother less intense flavor.

Changes have been made but the premise is the same; so the mead of Theseus will bear his name.

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