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23 short days later…another mead reaches bottling

May 26, 2011

Mead IV was brewed on the 3rd of May in the year two thousand eleven, and upon this 26th of May in that self-same year Mead IV has been decanted into 39 12 oz bottles, 4 22 oz bottles and one 25.5 oz bottle. In a few weeks to a month** this batch shall be ready and its lemony glory should be carbonated and delicious.

I had chosen to flavor this with citrus as citrus is amazing when paired with alcohol. If you like sweet flavors its hard to go wrong with Limoncello, and if you like it dry a good citrus vodka is hard to go wrong with. Not to mention the other splendid foods that are made with citrus such as lemon squares, Key Lime pie, and Lemon Meringue pie. So citrus mead it is! This particular citrus is a combination of organic lemon, organic Navel orange, and organic Valencia orange.

This batch may prove to be slightly sweeter than my prior batches (which have historically been quite dry) and will have an alcohol content sitting slightly north of 10.5% (21 proof).

Mead IV Specs:
Original Gravity: 1.087
Final Gravity: 1.010
Alcohol Content: 10.5% ABV or 21 proof.
Honey: Clover from Weeks Honey Farm (Georgia)

**I’ve been touting the few weeks to a month, but I think that I may be rushing the meads. The future releases will probably age at least 2 months, possibly longer…

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