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The ‘Proper’ Temperature of a good Mead

May 27, 2011

This is a funny sort of topic – and one that I feel like I’ve given poor coverage both here and in person. Mead has many similarities to beer and wine. But both beer and wine have different serving recommendations…so knowing that its similar to them means you should either drink it very cold like Pale Ales and cider, cold like the majority of beers, cool like champagne or white wine, or warm like red wines. To answer then that you drink it like beer & wine is less than satisfactory. You’ll notice that if you’re from across the pond that I’ve neglected an entire subset of warm drinks: beer.

Some beer is meant to be consumed warm, which is something I’ve never really been much for. Its not as if I realize a beer is warming and toss it for another ice-cold brewskie, but likewise I don’t seek out beer that is warm.

Mead falls everywhere on the continuum of where to drink it. There is no wrong temperature at which to enjoy it. I imagine you could add some mulling spices and make a very tasty hot mulled mead. However, that said I find that most people will enjoy mead more at temperatures that are more familiar to the American palate – cold. But don’t be afraid to sip slowly and wait for the flavors to gradually come out; the warmer the drink becomes the more you’ll taste. Ultimately find that happy midpoint where the flavor and the temperature strikes a pleasing note to you and you’ve found the temperature at which mead should be consumed.

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