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Brew Day: Mead VIII “MeadLite”

May 31, 2011

Today’s brew is my first foray into sub 9% alcohol content. This particular batch will probably be somewhere north of 5% but south of 6%. I decided to make a batch this light for two reasons. First, I’m curious how it will taste; since heretofore my experience with mead (my own and those that I’ve tried) has been exclusively with high gravity mead. Second, all drinks have trade offs. For high gravity meads the trade offs include high calorie content, long fermentation times (both in the carboy and in the bottles), and they lack a certain quaffability.

Quaff: (verb) to drink heartily or in one draught

So hopefully this batch will end up light and eminently drinkable.  The mead for enjoying during a hot summer day perhaps?  And, due to its lower gravity this one should be ready to drink well before the summer heat has passed.

Also this marks a very important occasion – this is the first mead that I have created not using store-bought honey.  Honey as you may or may not know is fairly easy to find in stores.  Local honey is still fairly easy to find, particularly if you search your local Whole Foods, farmers markets etc.  However, honey is not so cheap.  The one pound bear shaped bottle you buy may last you months, but with each batch of mead using between 5 and 15 of those little guys it’s not economical for me to walk out of Whole Foods laden with bags overflowing with little bears.  This 60 lb batch is from a company called Sweetwater Creek Honey Farm, located in Douglasville.  The honey tastes fantastic, although I do have to say I’ve never tried a honey I didn’t like.  Really though – I’m fairly sure this honey is unusually good.  I’ve seen their smaller offerings in the Buckhead Whole Foods, so if you’re interested I recommend you give it a try.

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