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Beverage VI has been bottled

June 2, 2011

I call it ‘beverage’ because it’s not mead – it’s a mixture of Blue Agave nectar, clover honey and wildflower honey (both of which are from Weeks Honey Farm).


I had expected the flavor to be different from typical meads due to the agave nectar  – and in a way I found that to be the case.  Ultimately the true taste test comes after the drink ages in the bottle – but sometimes a good deal can be determined from the first sips right before bottling – and those first sips told me that this drink will be a good deal lighter tasting.  Mead has a taste unto itself, and this brew certainly has a bit of that ‘honey’ taste, but mellowed out.  I’m not sure what I think of it at this point – without having it in a frosty mug after a month or two in the bottle I think any judgments I pass will be hasty.

And I took my own advice and now am the proud owner of an auto-siphon (again).  The misery quotient of siphoning now has been completely eliminated and I am deeply relieved to not have to sacrifice a chicken upon an obsidian altar each time I want to bottle.

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