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A tremendous thank you to Shari!

June 10, 2011

Making stuff and giving it away for free is expensive.  As such, I rely upon people giving me my bottles back so I may reuse them, choosing to only drink pop-off (crown cork) lid libations, an occasional paycheck, and the generosity of others.

Yesterday Shari gave me 7 cases of beer bottles; enough to bottle three batches of mead with some left over.  This is just spectacular, and I can’t offer her enough thanks.


And speaking of bottling – I’ve got some to do in just a few short days, both Mead V and Mead VIII are nearing completion.  Mead V has been fermenting for a bit longer than is the norm, but since I used less yeast nutrient that is to be expected.  Mead VIII on the other hand is a much lighter mead (aka: MeadLite) and has been fermenting quickly.  Once in the bottle I expect Mead V to take awhile to fully mature and have its flavor mellow, whereas Mead VIII should be ready to drink very quickly.

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